Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Blogger's Note:

These sayings were collected by my youngest child, Myrrha Michaela.

Myrrha presents...

1. God can read each falling tear. He sees the heart that's needing cheer. He knows the path that's hard and dear.

2. God will never leave you empty, he will replace everything you lost. If he asked you to put something down, it's because he wants you to pick up something greater.

3. What you are is God's gift to you. What you become is your gift to God. Put God in the center... and every thing will come together.

4. God had a plan when he designed the the universe where we live. He also had a plan when he designed us. The most wonderful experience we can have to discover and participate in God's plan for our life.


Text Thots 2: "Low Batt Ka Na Ba?" - compiled and published by Acts 29 Publishing, copyright 2000

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More than the goodness of perfume

When I put perfume, I know that I am saying something without talking. My actions, which speak more than words, have been enhanced by the fragrance that dance with the air and attracting the likes of the noses around. Just like a garden, I am getting the attention of the people around.

Perfume is really building personality as long as the fragrance is generally acceptable.

I realize that we are like perfumes to one another. Though considering only own likes in terms of fragrance selection may create a problem. It is just important that preferences on fragrance of the people around us must be considered. We behave then according to the norms and cultural orientations of the locality.

But I know that there is more than the attracting fragrance of perfume. That is the goodness of the heart and purity of thoughts. Practically, it could not be smelled like the fragrance of the perfume, but the impact is more than the fragrance.

I could say now that when we put perfume out of the goodness of our hearts and purity of our minds, how great is the effect!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Why this Blog Site named Myrrha Michaela?

You may wonder why I named this site "Myrrha Michaela".

First and foremost, it is the name of my youngest daughter. She is known to be a joker and smart girl reflecting the essence of "myrrh" which refers to an aromatic resin used in perfume and medicinal preparation. "Michaela", on the other hand, was implying a sense of bravery as known, in the religious point of view, of St. Michael Archangel - which relates also to the personality of this youngest daughter of mine.

Hence, expect good jokes and other literary pieces for your enjoyment in this blog site. It's nice to enjoy life despite of all the great challenges we are facing everyday in life.

Welcome dear visitors!